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- The Uk's Only running and Jumping robot Show!

What is BounceBOT?

BounceBOT is the UK's only running and jumping Robot. This bonkers robot, along with his wacky inventor can entertain any crowd. Whether its by showing off with technological science, dancing to the latest little mix album or cracking hilarious jokes. 

    BounceBOT and his wacky inventor have been all over the world entertaining. The show brings BounceBOT to life before your very eyes. Volunteers may even get a chance to get up and control the robot themselves! But careful...we wouldn't want it to all go horribly wrong....or would we?

"You guys have blown my mind"

  - Cumbanauld Giant Funfair

"The best entertainment the school has ever had"

- Greyfrias Primary School

“Before i knew it i was lost in the show shouting along with the children. It really exceeded all my expectations” 

- Gym Teenies (Head Coach)

The BounceBOT Show

The BounceBOT Show

BBot show

Audience Participation

 Our wacky inventor will introduce the ‘BounceBOT control system, volunteers will wiggle joysticks, push buttons and play music, as if they are creating the show themselves! 

Control BounceBOT!

Be involved in extreme stunts!

Meet BounceBOT!

Shows can be customised and catered specifically for each client to create a unique performance upon request. 

We can include special messages for Birthdays, product advertisement or even songs. 

Customise your show

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