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Ben Brason 

Meet the director of Tramp Wall UK. Ben began his acrobatic career as a gymnast competing in tumbling. First performing at the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony he quickly fell in love with performance of all kinds. Throughout his career Ben has performed all over the world, including Londons West End and Cirque Du Soliel. 

As well as show writing, running a Circus School and performing other acrobatic acts. Ben has built and created Tramp Wall UK. The reason for it is to bring his favourite act to life! 

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Our Story

Four performers, some of which knew each other for many years. Where employed in a show in Holland performing trampoline wall. After months of rehearsing, performing and training the team of four was simply not ready for it to end, so they decided to create their own act and bring it back to the UK. 

The next 2 years was spent creating and building a wall in Bens parents garden, upcycycling old trampoline parts to make the basic structure. With various tests and training the wall was ready to set out for performances in the UK. 

The trampoline wall at the time known as Spring Loaded UK began performing all over in various shows and festivals. It was with great success that they secured a 6 month slot in Londons West End....and then the pandemic hit.

Using the time during the pandemic to rebrand Tramp Wall UK was born and since the team have been performing all over the UK and the world, most recently in her majesty's the Queens Platinum Jubilee pageant in London. 


Founders (Pictured Left to right): Josh Odell, Chris Rait, Sam Amos, Ben Brason

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